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Special Event

“Organism-Environment Interactions: A Framework for Understanding Global Ocean Change”

Thursday, 25 June, 3:00 pm
Dr. Amanda Kelley, Postdoctoral Fellow
Fairbanks—201 O'Neill • Seward— Rae Building • Juneau—212 Lena Point bldg.

A major research challenge in marine science is predicting the response of marine biota to ocean change - predominantly, ocean warming and acidification. Central to this endeavor is the need to understand organism-environment interactions as they occur in today's oceans. In this presentation, I will highlight my research program by presenting data on both oceanographic observations and laboratory experiments that examine the organism-environment paradigm. Working as part of a research team, I have deployed and recovered autonomous pH sensors in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, which has yielded the first ever high frequency time-series pH data set from the Southern Ocean. I applied this information to experimentally explore the physiological response of larval Sterechinus neumayeri, the Antarctic sea urchin, to OA conditions. This research is focused on identifying the emerging transcriptional response of an Antarctic benthic calcifier to elements of ocean change using an RNA-Seq approach.