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The SFOS home page randomly cycles through the following ten photos every time you visit, or when you click "change current photo" in the lower right-hand corner of the home page. Information about the photos is included below:

whale in kachemak bay A humpback whale leaps out of the water in Kachemak Bay, Alaska. The School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences co-operates a research and education facility in Kachemak Bay, the Kasitsna Bay Laboratory. Photo by Matt North.
three divers in the arctic Shawn Harper, SFOS graduate student, Katrin Iken, associate professor of marine biology, and Elizabeth Siddon, former SFOS graduate student, take a break from diving in the Canadian Arctic as part of the 2005 Hidden Ocean expedition.
Jessica Johnson holds a king salmon Jessica Johnson, SFOS undergraduate fisheries student, worked as an intern for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game on a radio telemetry project with king salmon. In this photo, the transmitter wire is visible in the mouth of the salmon. Photo courtesy of Jessica Johnson.
Jason Waite studies Steller sea lions in the Kuril Islands, Russia Jason Waite, a Ph.D. student in marine biology, recently returned from three months of field work in the Kuril Islands, Russia. Waite is studying how Steller sea lions and northern fur seals share resources in the same rookeries. While Steller sea lions are endangered in both the U.S. and Russia, the population of northern fur seals in the area have reached an all-time record high. Waite is investigating whether the population increase of the northern fur seals will impact the recovery of the sea lion population by looking at how, when, where and what these animals are eating. Photo courtesy of Jason Waite.
Last July, UAF fisheries graduate student Jodi Pirtle pilots her field crew after conducting a series of SCUBA surveys of seafloor habitats in Lynn Canal, near Juneau, Alaska. Jodi says: "I'm a doctoral candidate with the SFOS in Juneau, my advisors are Ginny Eckert and Jennifer Reynolds. I am interested in conducting ecological research to support fisheries management. My dissertation examines the functional importance of habitat in structuring nearshore subtidal communities between coastal subregions in southeast Alaska." Photo by Jennifer Granneman. Read more about Jodi Pirtle here.
Collecting samples and water data in the Aleutian Islands Members of the Alaska Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program, a joint effort between SFOS and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, collect data in the Aleutian Islands. Read more about the new species they discovered in 2007 here. Photo by Stephen Jewett.
Lisa Kamin collects data on Pacific Ocean perch Lisa Kamin, a fisheries graduate student at SFOS in Juneau, describes this photo: "The photo is of a haul from the 2007 NMFS biannual trawl survey. The fish I am holding is a Pacific Ocean perch. They take a picture of every haul with the haul number, which is why I am holding the clipboard. It was taken in the Gulf of Alaska. I was out on the survey to collect samples for the next phase of the ongoing rockfish study being conducted by Tony Gharrett and his lab. The other people in the picture are Pam Woods, Greg Decelles, and Jay Orr." Read more about Lisa Kamin here. Photo by Nancy Roberson, NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Fisheries Science Center.
Photo by Bodil Bluhm.
Shawn Harper, a marine biology graduate student, took this photo while conducting research for his master's thesis near McMurdo Station in Antarctica. The photo is of a Weddell seal pup and her mother. Photo by Shawn Harper.
Markus Janout, a Ph.D. student in oceanography, collects data on the R/V Alpha Helix. Photo by Sarah Thornton.

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