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2001 News Archive

UAF, Russia to establish marine science training center in Vladivostok

21 December 2001
UAF—Officials at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have signed an agreement with the Russian Academy of Sciences to establish a marine science training and education laboratory in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok. See the press release from UAF.

UA regents make Lena Point fisheries facility a priority

15 November 2001
Fisheries Division—The AP reported that a fisheries building at Lena Point is the UA regents' top new construction project priority. Some background information on the proposed facility is available on the National Marine Fisheries Service website.

Hatcheries have not replaced wild salmon stocks in Alaska's Prince William Sound

8 November 2001
Fisheries Division—Salmon hatcheries in Alaska’s Prince William Sound have not contributed to the decline in the region’s wild salmon stocks, according to a group of state, University of Alaska and federal biologists.

On-bottom mariculture conference

1 November 2001
A Sea Grant news release.

Scientists plan deep sea research in Alaska

4 October 2001
NURC—Two years ago Alvin, the deep-diving submersible that found the Titanic, was in Alaska, plumbing the ocean depths off Kodiak Island. While it didn't find any sunken ocean liners, it observed deep-sea crabs, helped map undersea mountains and located methane seeps. But Alvin's biggest contribution may have been whetting the appetites of scientists to learn more about what may truly be Alaska's last frontier.

Industry-funded science seeks answers to Bering Sea changes

9 February 2001
A UAF news release.

Industry partners with UAF to find answers to Bering Sea changes

9 January 2001
A UAF news release details how UAF scientists are pursuing research on Steller sea lion declines, commercial fishing impacts, and ecosystem changes, thanks to more than $1 million donated by the pollock industry.

Scientists get crabby: Crab declines are among topics to be discussed at Sea Grant/Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium

5 January 2001
A Sea Grant news release