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2004 News Archive

Sugai's research, work on oil spill spotlighted

22 December 2004
ASG—A few hours after Dr. Susan Sugai landed in Unalaska, the Malaysian soybean freighter Selendang Ayu broke apart on the rocks a few miles away. Suddenly, Sugai found herself in the middle of an unfolding environmental disaster. Columnist Dermot Cole spotlighted Sugai's experiences in a recent issue of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Kelley elected director Sigma Xi Northwest

21 December 2004
IMS—Dr. John Kelley, professor of chemical oceanography at the UAF Institute of Marine Science, was elected Director of the Society of Sigma Xi's Northwest Geographic Region at its recent annual meeting in Canada.

MAP professor says oil spill could have been avoided

17 December 2004
MAP—Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program professor Rick Steiner says the recent Aleutian Island oil spill could have been prevented.

Oil impact on Aleutian crab fishery expected to be minimal

15 December 2004
SFOS—Professor Stephen Jewett appeared on the Alaska Public Radio Network's Alaska News Nightly discussing the Aleutian oil spill's impacts on the region's important Tanner crab fishery.

Commercial fishing jobs leave Alaska

13 December 2004
SFOS—A new report highlights the significant loss of commercial fishing jobs in the state.

SFOS on scene of Aleutian Island oil spill

10 December 2004
SFOS—SFOS personnel Reid Brewer, Dr. Susan Sugai and Deborah Mercy are in Unalaska, site of a catastrophic shipwreck that is believed to have claimed six lives and caused a major oil spill.

Sea Grant report highlights research, education, outreach

9 December 2004
ASG—Across the state, Alaska Sea Grant research and Marine Advisory Program activities are improving the lives of Alaskans. Read all about it in the Alaska Sea Grant Biennial Report.

Shellfish conference draws crowd

6 December 2004
SFOS—The Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program recently organized a highly successful conference aimed at encouraging the growth of the state's shellfish farming industry.

Alaska coral guide aims to help fishermen, scientists

2 December 2004
SFOS—A new field guide to Alaska corals could cool flare-ups between fishermen and scientific observers when the fragile organisms are hauled aboard Alaska fishing boats.

Ship of Dreams

30 November 2004
SFOS—Decades in the making, a modern ice-capable research ship that will carry scientists into Alaska waters seems closer than ever to reality.

Can't keep a good seal down

30 November 2004
SFOS—Dr. Mike Castellini, together with SFOS graduate students and volunteers, spent the last few weeks studying seals in Antarctica.

2005 undersea calendar on sale now at Alaska Sea Grant

30 November 2004
SFOS—The gift of undersea Alaska is just a click away. Visions of Undersea Alaska, 2005 engagement calendar, is on sale. SFOS faculty, staff, and students can save more than 20 percent off the $12.95 cover price by ordering now.

Researchers probe marine mysteries off Alaskan coast

29 November 2004
SFOS—A voyage last summer to investigate the causes of one of the most devastating tsunamis in United States history has uncovered new mysteries about biological and geological processes off Alaska.

SFOS students receive awards at AFS

23 November 2004
SFOS—More than two dozen SFOS graduate students attended the annual conference of the Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, held November 15-19, 2004. Several students received plaques in recognition of their outstanding papers and posters presented at the conference.

Census: Plenty of new species in the sea

23 November 2004
SFOS—WASHINGTON (AP,CNN) -- Marine scientists announced today they've discovered 178 new species in the world's oceans, including red-striped goby fish in Guam and coral-like rhodoliths in Alaska. The new plants, fish, and other animals discovered raise the number of life-forms found in the world's oceans to about 230,000. Also related: SFOS: Scientists discover new marine habitat in Alaska MSNBC: Scientists finding two new fish species a week

Conference seeks to kick-start shellfish farming

19 November 2004
SFOS—All the information you've ever needed to start a shellfish farm, but were afraid to come out of your shell and ask. The Alaska Shellfish Aquaculture Conference will take place December 3-4, 2004, at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel.

Scientists publish recommendations for sea otter research

19 November 2004
SFOS—Research on sea otters in Southwest Alaska, and the steps needed to address their decline, are detailed in the just-released proceedings of the Alaska Sea Otter Research Workshop.

Sugai to take key post at Center for Global Change

19 November 2004
SFOS—Dr. Susan Sugai has accepted a new position as associate director of the university's Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research

Journal: Auklet odor repels ectoparasites

18 November 2004
SFOS—Ph.D. student Hector D. Douglas III is the lead author of a scientific article published in a recent issue of the Journal of Chemical Ecology.

Johnson named MAP Recreation and Tourism Specialist

18 November 2004
SFOS—Terry Johnson, the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program agent based in Homer, Alaska, was recently named Marine Recreation and Tourism Specialist, and has hit the ground running with a host of activities to benefit the state's marine charter boat industry.

Logo design sought for Aleutian conference

18 November 2004
MAP—The Aleutian Life Forum, a new research conference and community festival to be held in Unalaska, Alaska, in August 2005, is seeking a logo to be used in its advertising and promotional campaign.

Bickford awarded NSF Fellowship

12 October 2004
SFOS—Nate Bickford has been awarded a coveted National Science Foundation fellowship.

UAF Seeks Candidates for Senior Faculty Position in Marine Policy

12 October 2004
SFOS—The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) is seeking candidates for a new senior faculty position in Marine Policy.

Shirley among team studying deep sea coral habitats off Hawaii

12 October 2004
SFOS—Dr. Tom Shirley is among a team of scientists working in waters off Hawaii to learn more about the unique invertebrate communities that live among the region's deep sea corals.

Survey: State's salmon fishermen optimistic about industry's future

11 October 2004
MAP—Alaska commercial salmon fishermen remain positive about their industry's future, according to a informal university survey of more than 2,000 fishermen across the state.

Alaskans hunt for more rhodoliths

10 October 2004
SFOS—Since news of the discovery of rhodoliths in Alaska waters, marine scientists Dr. Katrin Iken and Brenda Konar have received dozens of inquiries from people around the state who think they have seen them as well.

Unalaska MAP agent organizes popular marine issues forum

29 September 2004
MAP—MAP Agent Reid Brewer has organized a marine science lecture series that has captured the attention of Unalaska, a major commercial fishing community in the Aleutian Islands.

Alaska Ocean Sciences Bowl to air statewide Oct. 3-4

27 September 2004
ASG— A video highlighting Tununak, Alaska, high school students preparing to compete in the Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl will be broadcast statewide this fall on the Alaska Weather program, carried by the AlaskaOne televison network.

Cliff-climbing scientist saves fallen hiker

24 September 2004
SFOS—Loren Buck, assistant professor at FITC in Kodiak, is being credited with saving a man's life recently.

Scientists discover new marine habitat in Alaska

24 September 2004
SFOS—SFOS scientists working from an Alaska fishing boat have discovered an entirely new marine habitat in Prince William Sound.

Profile: Deborah Mercy, Marine Advisory Program

23 September 2004
MAP—Deborah Mercy describes her rewarding job as instructional media specialist.

Scientists to discuss health of world's sea lions

23 September 2004
ASG—More than 100 scientists who study the world's sea lions, including dozens who study the decline of Alaska's Steller sea lions, will gather in Anchorage, Alaska, from September 30 to October 3, 2004, for the 22nd Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium.

Board of Fisheries Names Salmon Industry Restructuring Panel

22 September 2004
SFOS—Chuck Crapo has been appointed to serve on the state's Board of Fisheries Salmon Industry Restructuring Panel.

Seabirds focus of ecosystem study

20 September 2004
KSMSC—A team of scientists and graduate students led by FITC assistant professor Loren Buck are studying seabirds as a way to understand the marine ecosystem around Kodiak Island.

Marine Advisory Program response to oyster vibrio outbreak

17 September 2004
MAP—Marine Advisory Program personnel recently toured oyster farms in Prince William Sound with Alan Austerman, fisheries advisor to Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski.

Professor testifies before U.S. Senate

17 September 2004
Fisheries—Dr. Terry Quinn testified September 14, 2004, before a U.S. Senate subcommittee.

New students at SFOS

16 September 2004
SFOS—Please welcome our new graduate students.

Faculty receive tenure, promotion

14 September 2004
SFOS—SFOS faculty Dr. Geoffery Wheat and Dr. Brenda Konar were among more than a dozen UAF faculty to receive promotions and tenure in 2004.

Russian-American study of Arctic makes international news

13 September 2004
SFOS—SFOS scientists are in the news following the first Russian-American Long Term Census of the Arctic expedition that took place during August in the Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea.

World's sea lions the focus of Wakefield Symposium

30 August 2004
ASG—More than 100 scientists studying the world's sea lions will gather in Anchorage, Alaska, from September 30 to October 3 for the 22nd Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium.

MAP/Sea Grant serve up Alaska shellfish

27 August 2004
MAP—Alaska Sea Grant and the Marine Advisory Program teamed up to showcase Alaska's shellfish farming potential by cooking up Alaska-grown oysters and clams for more than 400 people during Military Appreciation Day in Fairbanks August 19.

SFOS researchers publish study of fish protein powders

26 August 2004
KSMSC—SFOS scientists are among the authors of research appearing in the August 2004 issue of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Oceans Alive Video Festival Success in Seward

25 August 2004
ASG—Alaska Sea Grant sponsored an evening video festival in Seward, Alaska, on August 24. The festival featured videos about the 1964 earthquake and tsunami, the 2004 National Ocean Sciences Bowl, and a video about Alaska's intertidal marine life.

Wildlife Society to honor Stephen Jewett

19 August 2004
IMS—Dr. Stephen Jewett, a research professor at the SFOS Institute of Marine Science, is a recipient of the Wildlife Society's 2004 Wilidlife Publications Award.

SFOS scientists tag, track humpback whales off Kodiak

17 August 2004
KSMSC—SFOS researchers are studying humpback whales around Kodiak Island this summer as part of the ongoing Gulf Apex Predator-prey (GAP) program.

An interview with Dean Wiesenburg

5 August 2004
SFOS—Shortly after beginning his tenure as the new Dean of SFOS, Dr. Denis Wiesenburg sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Information Officer Doug Schneider.

U.S., Russian, Canadian, German scientists launch major Arctic Ocean expedition

5 August 2004
SFOS—SFOS researchers will depart August 8, 2004, from Nome, Alaska, on a large-scale three-week, joint U.S.-Russian oceanographic research expedition to the Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea.

Festival offers sea of educational opportunities

2 August 2004
ASG—Alaska Sea Grant participated in the second annual Alaska Oceans Festival, held July 17 in Anchorage's Delaney Park.

SFOS scientists search for Cold War contamination on Amchitka

1 August 2004
SFOS—SFOS researchers Dr. Stephen Jewett and Dr. Mark Johnson led UAF efforts to search for nuclear contamination left over from atomic blasts during the Cold War on Alaska's Amchitka Island.

Alaska salmon may have market as powder in China

1 August 2004
ASG—Chinese children and their parents overwhelmingly preferred the taste of new protein supplements made from Alaska pink and chum salmon to their traditional supplements made from carp, according to a study conducted by University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) researchers and funded by the Alaska Sea Grant College Program and the UAF School of Management.

SFOS scientists ride Alvin to ocean depths

29 July 2004
IMS—SFOS' Dr. Tom Shirley, together with graduate students, will use the deep-submergence vehicle Alvin to study five previously unexplored seamounts in the Gulf of Alaska, July 29 through August 24.

Researchers probe Aleutian depths

27 July 2004
SFOS—A team of researchers including a scientist from SFOS, are exploring the deep ocean off the Aleutians.

UAF to take part in study of World War II shipwrecks

22 July 2004
Fisheries—Dr. Tom Shirley of the SFOS Juneau Center is a principal investigator on an expedition to study a German U-boat sunk in the Gulf of Mexico during World War II.

Recent SFOS graduate at work in Aleutians

19 July 2004
SFOS—Recent SFOS graduate Cathy Hegwer is engaged in a major study of Steller sea lions in the Aleutian Islands.

Wiesenburg named SFOS dean

18 July 2004
SFOS—Marine chemist Dr. Denis Wiesenburg began work July 1, 2004, as the new Dean of the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

Potluck planned for outgoing SFOS Dean

15 July 2004
SFOS—On July 16th, bring your families and come wish outgoing dean Vera Alexander future good luck as she moves into a new phase of her life.

Electronic nose, new seafood products, whale research, advisory agents receive funding

14 July 2004
ASG—Alaska Sea Grant will spend $2.1 million on marine and fisheries research, education, outreach and extension over the next two years.

Expedition to study deep sea corals, volcanoes and ocean ridges

13 July 2004
SFOS—The West Coast & Polar Regions Undersea Research Center is sponsoring an expedition to the Aleutian Islands, July 10, 2004 to August 16, 2004. 

CoML kicks off Arctic program

25 June 2004
IMS—The Census of Marine Life has announced its Arctic Ocean biodiversity initiative to record the lifeforms of the Arctic Ocean. The international effort will be based at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and includes IMS faculty Rolf Gradinger, Russ Hopcroft, and Bodil Bluhm. For more information, see this BBC story.

Squid School

14 June 2004
SFOS—Reid Brewer, the new SFOS Marine Advisory Program agent based in Unalaska, knows a teachable moment when one washes ashore. In May, Brewer was alerted to a giant squid that had washed ashore nearby. He, together with a colleague from the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, conducted an informal public education lecture and necropsy of the squid with more than 60 local students, as well as parents and Native leaders in attdendance.

Alaska Sea Grant debuts tsunami video at NOAA HQ, receives national communication award

26 May 2004
ASG—Kurt Byers, Communications Manager at Alaska Sea Grant, recently presented Sea Grant’s new video, "Ocean Fury: Tsunamis in Alaska" at a NOAA seminar in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Congratulations graduating SFOS students

24 May 2004
SFOS—Congratulations to the SFOS students who graduated during the past year.

Hazardous materials alert

19 May 2004
SFOS—As SFOS faculty, students and staff prepare for the busy summer field research season ahead, the UAF Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management office reminds us of the importance of following established rules and procedures regarding the shipment of hazardous or potentially hazardous materials. Please read the following to avoid fines and other penalties associated with the improper handling and shipping of hazardous materials.

Kasitsna Bay Laboratory gets a face-lift

19 May 2004
SFOS—Approximately $8 million in new construction is taking place at the SFOS-operated Kasitsna Bay Laboratory this summer.

SFOS at international fisheries conference in Vancouver

17 May 2004
SFOS—SFOS was well represented at the 4th World Fisheries Congress in Vancouver, May 2-6. The theme “Reconciling Fisheries with Conservation: The Challenge of Managing Aquatic Ecosystems” was addressed by world-class keynote speakers, forums, posters, presentations, roundtable discussions, workshops, and debates. SFOS student, staff, and faculty presenters and attendees included Jennifer Boldt, Evelyn Brown, Robert Foy, Thomas Shirley, Carrie Hoover, and Bodil Bluhm.

New Marine Advisory Program agents take up positions around the state

7 May 2004
MAP—The Marine Advisory Program, the marine extension service of the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, has hired four new agents to serve Alaska's coastal communities of Petersburg, Cordova, Bethel, and Unalaska

Undergraduate student to present seafood research

5 May 2004
KSMSC—Undergraduate student Mary Patterson, working at the SFOS Fishery Industrial Technology Center in Kodiak, has been selected as a finalist to compete in the Institute of Food Technologist undergraduate research paper competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, in July.

Stephen Jewett recognized with Usibelli Award

30 April 2004
SFOS—SFOS research professor Stephen Jewett is among the recipients of the 2004 Emil Usibelli Distinguished Teaching, Research and Public Service Award.

SFOS faculty to be honored

21 April 2004
SFOS—Drs. Katrin Iken and Brenda Konar will be among UAF faculty honored at the Annual Author's Reception on Friday, April 23, 2004, from 4–5 p.m. at the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, level 6. Iken and Konar co-edited the book, Proceedings of the Arctic Biodiversity Workshop: New Census of Marine Life Initiative, published by the Alaska Sea Grant College Program in 2004.

Young scientists

13 April 2004
IMS—Symcha Gillette, age 5, holds a sea star during a recent visit to the Institute of Marine Science. Gillete and other elementary students are from the Chugach School District's Home School Program. Drs.Brenda Konar and Katrin Iken hosted the students who were able to touch a variety of marine species. The students also learned about scuba diving. Brenda Konar photo.

Spring dive class sends 24 to the bottom

29 March 2004
SFOS—Twenty-four students took part in this semester's Scientific Diving classes for beginners and advanced divers. The divers conducted 392 dives during a week-long experience at the Kasitsna Bay Laboratory near Homer, Alaska. Students learned scientific diving techniques and protocols, and conducted drills in rescue, first aid and CPR. Divers passing the course are eligible to work as science divers for the University of Alaska.

Native name for the new Aleutian volcano:  Amchixtam Chaxsxii

16 February 2004
GURU—Last summer, a seafloor mapping expedition in the central Aleutian region, directed by Jennifer Reynolds, confirmed the existence of a young submarine Aleutian volcano.  A story published in the Anchorage Daily News describes how a Native name was chosen for this volcano.

MAP agents meet with salmon fishermen

13 February 2004
SFOS—arine Advisory Program agents across the state are helping thousands of commercial salmon fishermen apply for financial compensation, job training and educational benefits under the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Trade Adjustment Assistance Program (TAA).

High school teams to make annual pilgrimage to Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl

11 February 2004
ASG—SFOS is once again sponsoring and supporting the annual Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl that begins February 20 in Seward. High school students from 12 schools around the state are getting ready for competition, now in its seventh year

Arctic biodiversity workshop proceedings available

5 February 2004
ASG—SFOS researchers Drs. Katrin Iken and Brenda Konar are the editors of the just published, "Proceedings of the Arctic Biodiversity Workshop: New Census of Marine Life Initiative." The 164-page book features eighteen papers presented at an international workshop held in Fairbanks, Alaska, April 11-14, 2003, to launch a Census of Marine Life program (CoML) initiative for advancing the study of Arctic Ocean biodiversity. The book is available from the Alaska Sea Grant bookstore.

SFOS graduate student returns from Antarctica

29 January 2004
SFOS—Graduate student Casey Debenham returned recently from an Antarctic research cruise aboard the German research icebreaker Polarstern. Debenham collected samples of benthic organisms from trawls and grabs during the cruise and performed various onboard experiments.

SFOS student receives ARCO grant

22 January 2004
GPMSL—Cory Williams, a Ph.D. student in Marine Biology at SFOS under Dr. Alan Springer, is a recipient of the 2004 Angus Gavin Memorial Migratory Bird Research Grant. He will receive $10,437 for his research during the 2004 field season. To learn more, read the UAF news release.