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2006 News Archive

Alaska Sea Grant Announces 2008–2010 Funding Opportunity

19 December 2006
ASG—The Alaska Sea Grant College Program (ASG) is a NOAA-funded sponsor of applied marine and coastal releated social, economic, engineering, and biological research and is soliciting research proposals for 2008 –2010. Go to Alaska Sea Grant Preliminary Proposal details

Alaska Sea Grant ranked among nation's best

19 December 2006
ASG—A federal review panel has judged the Alaska Sea Grant College Program as among the nation's best marine research, education, and extension programs. The high marks the program received during its five-year program review could result in an increase in base federal funding for program enhancements. Read entire news release

Fishermen collect Pribilof blue king crab for Alaska hatchery research program

5 December 2006
ASG—Fishermen collected twenty-eight Pribilof blue king crab that will serve as brood stock and research specimens for the Alaska King Crab Research and Rehabilitation Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Read entire article, view images

UAF scientists tune into Cook Inlet currents

4 December 2006
SFOS—Anchor Point and Nanwalek have an unusual new radio station. The next time you are in the area, scan the radio dial and you might just hear the repeated chirping of radar signals bouncing off the waves of lower Cook Inlet.

Divers conduct health check-up of Aleutians

29 September 2006
SFOS—When the Aleutian Islands were scheduled for a health check-up this summer, researchers donned dive suits and jumped right in.

Coastal residents to gather in support of fishing communities

6 September 2006
ASG—Finding ways to preserve and enhance fishing as an important part of the coastal Alaska economy is the subject of a statewide conference in Anchorage September 21–22, 2006.

Sea Grant Marine Advisory agent documents Aleutian seabird deaths

5 September 2006
ASG—Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program Agent Reid Brewer is helping to collect, tag, and recover carcasses of what are at this time more than 1,600 shearwater seabirds that have washed ashore during the last several days.

Alaska Sea Grant launches multiagency effort to rebuild Kodiak red king crab stocks

15 August 2006
ASG— What might be the future of Kodiak's red king crab fishery arrived in Seward recently, wrapped in wet burlap and packed in coolers marked "live crab." Learn more

Alaska Sea Grant seeks public comment on its performance

18 July 2006
ASG—The NOAA Alaska Sea Grant College Program seeks public comment on its performance toward meeting its mission goals and objectives in advance of a National Sea Grant review scheduled for September 10-14, 2006. Written comments from marine and fisheries scientists, oceanographers, coastal engineers, K–12 and university educators, Alaska Native groups, community and environmental activists, tourism industry groups, harbormasters, city planners, and others are welcome.

Seafood science student wins award

14 July 2006
SFOS—Jiaqi Huang, a master's degree student at the Fishery Industrial Technology Center, has earned second place in an international graduate student paper competition.

Christie to direct UAF undersea research center

11 July 2006
GURU—The University of Alaska Fairbanks has appointed David Christie as the director of the West Coast and Polar Regions Undersea Research Center and the Global Undersea Research Unit.

Whitledge to lead UAF Institute of Marine Science

5 June 2006
SFOS—In 1966, having just earned his master's degree in chemistry from Western Illinois University, Terry Whitledge knew he didn't want to end up working the rest of his life inside a chemical company. He wanted to work outside.

SFOS techies earn networking certification

2 June 2006
SFOS—If you work or study at SFOS, chances are you've called Steve Sweet or Gary Newman for help with a forgotten password, a frozen computer, or a defunct printer. Now you can call them if you want to learn about the complex hierarchy that makes up the structure of a Wide Area Network or the exact meaning of an Internet Protocol address.

Hopcroft serves as expert photographer on landmark Atlantic cruise

15 May 2006
SFOS—Russell Hopcroft, a biological oceanographer at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, knows how to photograph difficult subjects. As an expert sea "bug" photographer and taxonomist, Hopcroft's subjects are tiny, squirming creatures pulled up from the depths of the ocean.

Alaska Sea Grant awards $1 million to marine research

8 May 2006
ASG—The Alaska Sea Grant College Program will spend more than $1 million over the next two years on research to protect Alaska’s coastline from erosion and breed oysters that grow faster, among other projects.

Gharrett receives $10,000 Usibelli award

1 May 2006
SFOS—Dr. Anthony Gharrett, professor of fishery genetics and aquaculture at the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, is the recipient of the 2006 Usibelli Distinguished Research Award.

SFOS scientists explore gold rush era shipwrecks

20 April 2006
SFOS—SFOS researchers and divers collaborated with scientists from the University of Rhode Island, NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program, and U.S. Minerals Management Service to explore and document several historic gold rush era shipwrecks in Southeast Alaska.

UAF breaks ground on new Juneau fisheries facility

19 April 2006
SFOS—The University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences broke ground Thursday, April 20, 2006 on a new facility dedicated to fisheries education and research.

SFOS fisheries pioneer dies

18 April 2006
ASG—John Doyle, an Alaska fisheries pioneer who established the Marine Advisory Program and worked to improve the seafood industry across the state, passed away at home in Anchorage, April 8, 2006, at the age of 72.

Alaska Sea Grant publishes guide to responsible marine wildlife viewing

29 March 2006
ASG—Responsible marine wildlife viewing is the topic of the second issue of Alaska Seas and Coasts, a full-color publication of the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program. read entire news release

Cordova Flatfish to join Seward Shrimp Hawks at national ocean science competition

8 March 2006
ASG—When February avalanches closed the only road to Seward, the Cordova High School team “Flatfish” found themselves floundering on the wrong side of the snow slide and unable to finish a regional marine science competition for which they had spent months preparing. Their determination to make the best of the situation has netted them an invitation to attend the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) championship. read entire news release is one stop resource for fishermen, seafood processors

1 March 2006
MAP—Commercial fishermen and seafood processors now can turn to a single web site, aptly called FishBiz for information and resources about financing, small business development, education and training, and other seafood industry business needs and services. read entire news release

Sea Grant conference draws international experts to discuss Alaska crab enhancement

28 February 2006
SFOS—In the basement of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center on Kodiak Island, what just might be the key to rebuilding the state’s crab fisheries swims nearly invisible within tall plastic tanks. read entire release

UAF names Keith Criddle to Stevens Professorship

24 February 2006
SFOS—Alaska will soon have a new marine policy expert at the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

Alaska Region Research Vessel closer to reality

22 February 2006
SFOS—President Bush's State of the Union pledge to fund research in the physical sciences could result in a new 236-foot marine research vessel headquartered out of Seward's harbor.

New institute to train future seafood processing leaders

10 February 2006
SFOS—Career oriented seafood processing workers are invited to apply to a new program that offers Alaskans specialized training in leadership, seafood handling, safety and sanitation, marketing and logistics. Called the Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute, the program aims to promote the professional development of promising future leaders in the seafood processing industry. Read entire news release

Alaska high school students vie for college scholarships, bragging rights in ocean science competition

2 February 2006
SFOS—Teams of high school students from across the state will try to unseat reigning champion Juneau-Douglas High School when they gather here Feb. 10–12 for the annual Alaska Region National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB). read entire release

Amchitka's nuclear legacy

1 February 2006
SFOS—SFOS scientists took part in the first comprehensive study since the Cold War of radioactive residues remaining at the site of underground nuclear tests conducted on Amchitka Island in the Aleutians. Check out the latest UAF online feature.

Pollock fleet provides record funding

31 January 2006
SFOS—Donations from a group of North Pacific pollock fishing companies to the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have made them the single largest private contributor in School history.

SFOS welcomes new students to graduate programs

19 January 2006
SFOS—The School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences extends a warm welcome to five new graduate students in Oceanography, Fisheries and Marine Biology.