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Minor in Fisheries

A minor in Fisheries gives students majoring in other areas (business, political science, natural resources management, wildlife biology, rural and community development, etc.) a solid background in fisheries.

The minor in Fisheries is available to students in non-fisheries degree programs.

The minor consists of two core courses (6 credits) and two fisheries course requirements (6 credits). Students will need to choose a minimum of one class (3 credits) from one of the following three concentration areas: fisheries science, fisheries business administration and economics, and fisheries policy and rural development. As a result, a total of 15 credits will be required for the Minor in Fisheries.

The Minor in Fisheries degree program will provide you with the knowledge base, skill sets, and hands-on experience that will augment your educational experience at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

This minor will strengthen the abilities of UAF graduates to lead and effectively contribute to the management, research, and administration of the fishing and seafood processing industries in Alaska. Career opportunities available for students completing the Minor in Fisheries will be the same as for students completing the Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Science and Bachelor of Arts in Fisheries.