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How do I create my student webpage?

Setting up your student webpage

Your student webpage will be similar to SFOS faculty webpages, with a few different fields.

Your webpage will be a valuable place for you to share professional information about your education and career. You may create a link to a personal webpage on your professional webpage.

You will need a mySFOS username and password to set up your webpage. This will only take a few minutes and is very easy to do, so please do not let it be a hindrance to setting up your page. We would like to see every student's webpage up and running as soon as possible.


Additional Items

You can expand your webpage to include more information, presentations given at conferences, awards, memberships and so on. You may add your publications, presentations or curriculum vita as PDF links, just email such items to for uploading and linking on the server. Please be aware that these documents should not have social security numbers or personal information on them.


Your photograph should be professional in appearance, preferably a head-and-shoulders shot so that individuals viewing your webpage will be able to recognize you. You can also use a photo of you in the field or doing research, as long as it is professional and recognizable. If you would like more photos on your webpage, send them to


Send any questions, changes or corrections to your contact information directly to